How I Came to Woodstock

It’s always been a dream of mine to open my own gym. I love helping people achieve their goals and dreams. After learning and working in the fitness industry for years, that time has finally come.  I’ve recently moved from Wadsworth, OH with my wife Erica and 6 year old son Uriah.  Growing up, Erica’s family would make the drive from OH to FLA every Spring break, always stopping in Woodstock, GA where Erica’s Uncle and Aunt lived as well as close family friends.

Once married, I got to participate in the annual truck to FLA, spending a night coming and going in Woodstock.  Erica and I always loved it here and when deciding where to put my gym, Woodstock was at the top of our list.  My wife is an actress trained in NYC and has spent several summers in Atlanta working on her craft ; so Woodstock was a natural fit for our family and we're excited to call it home!

Our family practices a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a natural diet, working on a balanced life, happiness & our dreams.  Let us help you catch your dream!


Matt Ribley